August Social Night

Lighthouse Club Singapore social night at Al Capones at 69 Kampung Bahru Road on 18 August 2022 at 7 pm

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It’s happening! Our next social night will be at Al Capones, 69 kampong bahru Road at 7pm on 18 August. Bring your best selves and friends from the construction industry and let's network over a pint or 3 🙂

Everything is sorted; except one crucial aspect- a sponsor… will you be that generous person? Or if not- perhaps at the very least your company? You'll be entitled to:
(1) be credited in our social media posts and email;
(2) address the crowd on the evening for 5 mins - with us council members ensuring everyone pays complete attention to you- using any means necessary… (you've been warned);
(3) receive 30 drink tokens on the night to have to yourselves or to give out to lucky ones;
(4) display your company’s banners at the venue;
(5) display company info via usb on the TV screens, if any; and
(6) be single-handedly responsible for putting a grin on everyone’s faces.
What more do you need? Reach out to us if interested!

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